Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Using Literature to help Disciple Your Children

I have found that one of the best partners in the process of helping my children to become Disciples of Jesus is a really good book! Great Christian literature steps into the Titus 2 model and walks alongside us - letting the older teach the younger the ways of the Lord.

Some of my favorites have been Louisa May Alcott's Little Women (the movie, while good, does not maintain the distinctly Christian, discipling attributes), The Original Elsie Series by Martha Finley (though I recommend starting this with younger girls say 5-7, as an older girl in school will find it over the top and not be able to relate), and of course the Chronicles of Narnia.

By reading these books (and so many others!) aloud, we have the opportunity to discuss their successes and failures and apply them to our own lives. Once the child is able to read them independently, hopefully the lessons will be reinforced time and again.

What books have you read to your children that were very helpful in teaching your children the virtues of the faith?
As you share, note the gender and age of the child to whom you read the book.


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