Discipleship Coaching

Discipleship coaching can be useful if you feel you've plateaued in your walk with the Lord or are coming out of a difficult season of your spiritual life.  Perhaps you're in a place where you've found it hard to find a mentor with the time, ability, or commitment to disciple.  Discipleship coaching can fill that void.  I would also love to do "Raising Disciples" coaching where we focus on your goals for raising your children to be disciples.

Topics we can discuss include:

• Developing a family mission statement
• Developing family goals with regard to discipleship and faith walk
• Mapping your faith walk
• Identify natural strengths and weaknesses
• Encouragement to dig in and grow in your faith
• Strategies to encourage the faith development of your children
• Strategies and accountability in Bible Study and Scripture memorization

fees: $200 for three 45 min. sessions plus unlimited emailing
        (or $75 per individual session with one week of follow-up emailing)


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