Monday, February 8, 2010

Set Some Goals!

The Rest of the Tebow Story
Two posts in one day, WOW! I just watched the "rest of the story" about Tim Tebow which aired on a Focus on the Family commercial during the Super Bowl. It's a great story for MANY reasons- but in listening to his mom and dad talk about parenting, I noted that she emphasized, that though they fell far short, they had goals and aims for their children, particularly to know the Lord. This echoed a theme I've been reading in George Barna's "Revolutionary Parenting". So, taking the advice of this mother and father with 5 grown children who love the Lord (5 for 5, not bad!)- and confirmation from Barna, I'd say setting goals, particularly goals for the spiritual walk and growth- are a GOOD IDEA! Watch the interview here. Oh, and she homeschooled all 5 kids through high school. Wow.

Resources on Sale!

Family Foundations
Thought I would pass this along. It does include some materials that are for the homeschool which may not apply to everyone- but there are a lot of other great resources available as well. I loved that question- because it is vital for us to ask. Who will win the hearts or our children? Will it be us? Will it be our Lord? or, will it be their peers, their favorite singer or movie star? Even if the resources offered aren't what you need right now, I encourage you to think about that question and what your family is doing to work on the answer. God bless you as you seek to make disciples at home.


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