Homeschool Coaching


Please email me (katherine[at]homeschoolingcoach[dot]net) to schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation to discover what homeschool coaching has to offer you.

Initial Homeschool Assessment / Foundation / Investment
(3 sessions- about 2 weeks apart)

In first 3 sessions we will:
• Explore why you want to homeschool (purpose and values clarification)
• Discover your educational philosophy or approach to teaching your children
• Discuss preliminary curriculum guidance for choices that fit your purpose, values, and philosophy

Expectations for me-
I will provide guides and evaluations to help you assess if you should homeschool (if you are trying to make a decision), clarify why you want to homeschool, help you determine your philosophy or approach to education, and give you guidance to help you narrow down the thousands upon thousands of choices in homeschool curriculums. In addition, I will give you resources and guidance with determining your state’s requirements and meeting them. If you live in New York, I will also provide sample documents which you can use as a template for creating your own to submit to your supervising school district.

My Expectations for you-
You will work through the provided materials each week. You will email me the week’s assigned work 24 hours before our coaching session so I can fully prepare for our session. Please mail (or paypal) payment prior to first session (after free consultation).

fee: $180 for all three 45min. sessions plus unlimited emailing in between

If you would like on-going help with laying out your curriculum, implementation, and day to day guidance- sessions can be weekly, every other week, or once a month- you choose- and can grow in spacing if that is helpful. Topics to work through with on-going homeschool coaching may include (but are not limited to) daily time usage and discipline, motivation, curriculum evaluation, socialization, household management, developing Biblical worldview, and helping children grow into mature, faithful disciples (my biggest passion!).

fee: sessions will be $180 for three 45 min session again with unlimited emailing
(or $75/session with one week of emailing following the session)

Please contact me (katherine[at]homeschoolingcoach[dot]net) for more information, with questions, or to make a coaching appointment.


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