Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Barbie Alternative

Trying to teach the virtue of modesty in an extremely immodest culture is a definite challenge. And the likes of Bratz and Barbie is not helpful! A friend alerted me to this Barbie alternative. Perhaps if you're buying for a young girl this year- this might be a good option instead. They are called God's Girlz and are available at CBD.com among other places. I'm looking into them for our girls for Christmas. And, not only will we be helping our girls have a more modest and Christ centered view of themselves and women in general, we will be telling toymakers and retailers that we want play things that teach our daughters real value- not that bodies are to be "perfect" and alluring... ie- don't sell sex to our daughters through trashy doll clothes! (Sorry to be so blatant- but the truth hurts, right?) Yeah for an alternative!

God bless you all in your efforts to make Disciples at Home!

1 comment:

  1. These look good, but I just read the reviews and the dolls appear to fall apart. Do you know if they outfits they sell for the dolls will fit the Barbies we already have? I like the more modest dress FOR SURE! Also, do you know if the plastic body looks any different than the Barbie body?



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