Saturday, September 18, 2010

Raising Godly Daughters

I was recently asked for recommendations for resources to prepare for discussing "girl" topics. We have used many wonderful resources which are worthy of sharing. I have just ordered several more (which I'll try to review in the not TOO distant future) which I hope to use in the next year or two with my girls. (Raising a Modern Day Princess, Passport2Purity, Secret Keeper Girls, Six Ways to Keep the "Little" in Your Girl) Below are the books we've already used and recommend. I also recommend anything by Vicky Courtney, Dannah Gresh, or Leslie Ludy. These women have a passion to see a virtuous generation of godly girls survive the bombardment of their culture and mature into godly women. For more information on this topic- check out Generations of Virtue. Do you have resources you don't see listed? PLEASE COMMENT and share them with us!!!

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  1. THis is a timely post! I heard that Kelly's class is having "The Talk" this year, and I want to make sure she hears everything from me first. She is very squeamish about that topic, but knows quite a bit because Erin is not afraid to ask about anything!



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