Saturday, November 20, 2010

Meaningful Days of Advent

I found a VERY COOL blog yesterday (by designer Ali Edwards) showing how to make a small memory book for each day in December and was inspired to make one with our family. One thing I really like about the idea is its potential for helping us to make the most of the days of Advent. As I looked through her examples and at my own inspiration books, I'd like to suggest a twist on the memory book idea. I hope to use the added incentive to make the days count- not only to do fun things- but to bring meaning and illumination to this season of preparation which is so rich with depth and meaning. An easy way to start is to find out what meaning lies beneath things you already do--- such as the Christmas tree, lights, or Advent wreaths. An excellent resource is Lisa Whelchel's The ADVENTure of Christmas. By making the memory book and journaling with the kids WHY we do the things we do, we can added another layer to the building of faith along with making memories. I don't expect that every entry in our December Daily book will have deep meaning (some may just show mugs of gourmet hot chocolate or a fun craft), but by starting to intentionally to look for the why's behind the traditions, I know we will have a rich and blessed Advent, filled with the Truth rather than just the all too familiar holiday hustle and bustle ending with the "stuff". Praying your family finds creative ways to make the most of this Advent, preparing and rejoicing for His coming~

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  1. Hey Katherine, this is such a cool idea!! Can you share some of your pages?? Like the ones having to do with the secular way of celebrating Christmas being tied into Christianity? Thanks!



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