Thursday, March 31, 2011

Pray with Kids for Libya

This morning, in an effort to combine geography, a little history, current events, and an emphasis on missions (because on the 31st day of the month we pray for our kids to have a heart for missions)--- I made a worksheet to help the girls do some research on Libya. It really worked out beautifully (though it took a little longer than I might have planned!). We used some resources online- mostly here under the "Missions Research Websites" tab (1st on the list). Especially helpful was "Operation World". Then once we've found all of the answers together, looked up some definitions (such as "insurrection"), and determined from the WHOLE sheet what their prayer needs were, we spent a few minutes together praying through that list. {sigh} Makes a mother's heart soar. Now that I have these resources, I hope to make this a regular activity! God bless you and YOUR family as seek to make the Gospel known, shape your children's worldview into God's worldview, and raise up faithful disciples to spread His love. ~Katherine Clark

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